Sara giving up the car

6 Dec

“Yeah!  I’m giving up the car! I’m going cold turkey, no easing into it. That car has been nothing but a head ache since I got it. I’m tired of the repair bills, I’m free!” Sara is one of the Twin City Daily Planet Media Skills Fellows I met. Like me she enjoys riding her bike but recently decided she had enough of the expenses of automobile ownership.

Sara said riding in the winter is going to be a new experience. Like many of us gaining weight during the winter is a constant battle but Sara says riding her bike this winter is her new weight loss program. “And if it’s too cold to ride I’m walking or taking the bus,” Sara said.

That was late this fall when Sara made the decision. I’m wondering how she’s doing since the real winter weather has set in.

Like Sara I’ve got a beater car too. Sooner or later I’ve got to decide if I’m going to buy a car or start using that bike of mine full time. But today when I got up it was in the single digits. I don’t know if I could get on my bike and go somewhere with the winter wind blowing in my face and worrying about slipping and sliding cars let alone me slipping and sliding. I only have a road bike with skinny tires, buying one of those fat tired bikes for a grand just isn’t in my budget right now with me trying to raise money for Vermont Studio Center. I know, there are those brave souls out there right now skinny tires and all riding down the street. I saw a guy yesterday riding down my street. Later, he was being interviewed on the local news station, said he’s been doing winter, all year bike riding for years.

So, one of these days I will try winter biking. I’ve got six months of winter to try and get practicing!


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be·come / to begin to be. co·men·zan·do / beginning.

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