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The Last Norwegians on Russell Avenue

2 Feb

Source: The Last Norwegians on Russell Avenue


Since I’m a writer

11 Feb

I thought I’d share this about rejection! Kinda funny…

Another bike memorial

5 Feb

Last night another bicyclist was killed. Killed by a drunk driver who was speeding down a Minneapolis street. A young man in the prime of his life with all of the needed safety gear, rear and front headlights and a good helmet  on his head. But he wasn’t any kind of match for a speeding van driven by a drunk driver.

I’m sick of it! When are the legislators that we elect going to get serious about drunk driving laws. We give convicted drunk drivers these ridiculous sentences and drunk drivers are still driving drunk. Now a mother from Atlanta will never see her son again. A son, a young black man a budding sous chef with a great job about to be married is dead. What a terrible crime.

National Bike League Big Hoopdedo in Washington, DC

26 Jan

In March there’s the National Bike League Women’s Forum. They’re giving out scholarships for attending. I won’t be able to go because I’m going to a writing residency but here’s the web site for my information:   Sounds like it will be a great and interesting experience with many workshops on women and biking.


Temperature today -1 degree below zero

10 Dec
Oh happy days

Oh happy days

2013-08-10 11.07.09


Car or bike

6 Dec

A car or bike

Sara’s new bike

6 Dec
Rosie's Bike

Rosie the Bike


be·come / to begin to be. co·men·zan·do / beginning.


Show up. Notice details. Revise as needed.


be·come / to begin to be. co·men·zan·do / beginning.